Enjoy our cycling stories of our big year on the NZ Great Rides. Each story shares our perspective of each trail and the curious discoveries we make to update the content for the Great Rides App.


1    Northland's Coast to Coast

        Twin Coast Cycle Trail

2    Teasing out the Past

        Hauraki Rail Trail

3    Heart of the Waikato

        Waikato River Trail

4    Coming Soon ...

        Motu Trail

5    Coming Soon ...

       Te Ara Ahi

6    Coming Soon ...

        Hawke's Bay Trails

7    The Great Lakes Great Ride

        Great Lakes Trail

8    A Rekindled Treasure

      Timber Trail

9    A Ride in the Park

      Mountains to Sea

10  Greatly Inclined to Ride

       Remutaka Cycle Trail


11  A Resounding Ride

       Queen Charlotte Track

12  Dun in a Day

      Coppermine Trail

13  A Tempting Treat

      Tasman's Great Taste Trail

14  Busting The Old Ghost Road

      The Old Ghost Road

15  Wheeling through the Wilderness

      West Coast Wilderness Trail

16  Coming Soon ...

       St James Cycle Trail

17  Finding Fabulous

      Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

18  The Grandaddy of Greatness

      Otago Central Rail Trail

19  Coming Soon ...

       Lake Dunstan Trail

20  Gorging on Greatness

       Roxburgh Gorge Trail

21  A Golden Find

      Clutha Gold Trail

22  Wakatipu Waypointing

      Queenstown Trail

23  Coming around the Mountains

       Around the Mountains

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